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On Friday, an undercover officer met the suspect, who identified himself as Trevor Smith, to discuss the rental property in the parking lot of the Publix store on Dorchester Road, officials said. Perimeter units moved in and when the suspect saw the officers, he reached for an unzipped blue bag inside his vehicle, officials said. According to the report, Jerdan was arrested after a brief struggle. Two children were inside his vehicle and officers called their mother to come get them, officials said.

Officers found a gun, glass smoking pipe and bag of methamphetamine inside Jerdan's vehicle. He was charged with swindling and possession of meth. GO Chime In. Man arrested after posting fake Craigslist ad. Source of boom felt in Charleston area Monday unknown. Woman, 60, shot dead in Mt. Pleasant home, man charged with stealing her car. Nason opening new Charleston practice, addresses missing medical records, fraud case.

Tail Waggin' Tuesday: Campichampa", "calling from A-law firm"- On the first call May the name sounded like "Kenny Jefferson" , "calling from THE law firm"- Definately the same voice in both cases- The recording is very choppy in those spots , apparently a lame effort to change conceal their identity on their tape- Very amateurish and almost laughable if it weren't so criminal in their intent. What are they calling for? They even called me at work- This is getting frustrating.

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B Mega millions keeps telling my elderly dad that hes won - million. We have one lying around here but I don't remember you handing me one but if you did then will know that that was dead but we need to match it up and get a new one? That was rambling and made little sense; these drugs are great-: Khurana they need to make sure of the people there looking for and stop calling my number. Mr- MaxwellLastName: I had several emails from their support site- I told them that I had not ordered anything from them and I wanted my money put back in my account immediately- I told them that I was short on patience and that I had done my research on the web and seen the amount of complaints regarding them and that I was going to pursue this matter unless they returned my money- After several emails they did put it back in- I am still pursuing the matter- It has been quite a hassle over such a small amount of money- I have had to get a new debit card, close my account, open a new account and pay for overnighting of my card to my location- I don't know what can be done since they refunded my money, but I will file a complaint anyway- Good luck all.

Then they get smart with you on the Phone telling you , you know the person,is that harassment or what? How they get that info??

Timothy Smith has been sentenced for fatally shooting Kurt Milliman, 48, in May 2011.

Has anyone else received this text? Thursday, April ,: AM Phone Number: Cell Phone Phone Carrier: Dobson Cellular Systems, Inc- City: St Marys State: PA County: Elk Latitude: PM- No sales or anything odscene. Hayes If you put your name in a drawing at the MN state fair for windows siding home improvement I think it might be them asking if you want discounts.

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Just putting this out here in case someone else gets a call. Miller You messages have been deleted and will not be delivered to the receipient- tammy needs a grownup. I told him I'm pretty sure that wasn't possible because she is two years old and never out of our sight. He told me to "shut up shut up ahut up, b! Please beware! Usually I don't answer calls I don't recognize, now I know why.

Recording states and it doesn't matter what you 'hit' that that extention is not available- And the name of the idiot group from New York Bronx is so garbeled, you can't make it out- Find another hobby you idiots.

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Credit Union Center Alert- Your card has been deactivated- Call , Found out this is a "smishing" scam to try to get personal information. These people are not telemarketers or debt collectors- They are criminals- Look at all the different stories they have told people to get their money and information- Never believe what a stranger tells you on the phone if you want to keep your m. Called it back, got a hang up. I don't know and I don't care, I just want them to knock it off- Haven't gotten a call from them in a couple of weeks, maybe they've figured it out and moved on- All I know is that if they call again, whoever is on the other end of the line is going to be running to their mother by the time I get through with them.

No doubt they believe that forums are the best place to do their marketing in this online day and age - We're ethical Honestly Truthfully Trust us.

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And what can I do to block these? Possibly could have part or all of your debt eliminated. Your rights what a debt collector can and cannot do -www-consumer-ftc-gov articles -debt-collectionHow to tell a real from a fake debt collector: This is Chase Home Finance Litigation Dept,if you're behind on your mortgage payments or going into foreclosure , you may get this call.

Police: Woman answering Craigslist ad carjacked in North Charleston

I received a call from this number from a car dealership in the Pittsburgh area, even though the caller ID says New Jersey- They left a message, and it was a call I wanted but judging from the other reports here, calls from other places seem to come from this number- Maybe it's a call center.

This isn't an aircraft issue. Fredrick AMEN Customer service in this country is a thing of the past, the people in foreign countries have to follow up, their jobs rely on it. PM Sunday didn't leave any message.

Rock I've been receiving calls from this number for several weeks, a couple of times a day- I usually don't answer but decided I would and told the caller to please take me off the list- He spouted back that he was now going to call me all the time and will continue to call- I hung up. Kinda creepy.