Mobile phone evolved into the 7th mass media channel

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The innovations in Short Message Service SMS texts that were offered to the masses in not only helped shy girls and introverts and anyone who hates talking on the phone communicate effectively, the mobile data service also helped show advertisers the potential of incorporating SMS technology into their advertising strategies. It would actually take six years before the first case of advertising would appear on this new data media channel.

A Finnish news provider decided to utilize the technology; offering free news headlines via SMS, sponsored by advertising. Because SMS was such an unobtrusive means for advertisers to communicate their brand messages, mobile phone companies, advertisers and the media industry all took notice of the emerging technology. Companies large and small started using SMS to send customer loyalty offers and exclusive promotions.

Event venues began with concert announcements. And media outlets sent news alerts supported by ads. It was a good strategy because SMS providers guaranteed reliable delivery to consumers. The effectiveness of SMS advertising in certain markets was — and continues to be — a dominating mobile ad strategy.

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The success of SMS has also led to significant developments in mobile technology. The release of the first iPhone in was a game-changer for both the mobile and advertising industries.

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You may recall the first mobile browser ads from the early iPhone days: This is because advertisers would often use desktop browser ads and then reformat them for use in mobile web browsers. When the iPhone 3G arrived just a year later, the App Store was introduced, allowing users to leave mobile web browsing behind and use mobile apps instead. The word caught on to developers that mobile apps were in high-demand, and many of the first mobile apps were free to users, supported by mobile advertising.

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As capabilities grew to include interactive gaming and GPS technology, mobile ads began incorporating these features for a more engaging user experience all around. In , the first iPad was released, and the size of the U.

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And by , smartphone technology caught on like wildfire, so the mobile advertising industry also had to evolve rather quickly. By , it became increasingly important for developers to include mobile advertising within apps to create seamless experiences. To achieve the best possible user experience, mobile advertising companies began offering a variety of mobile ads like interstitial ads, overlay ads — and, my personal favorites — native and video ads; all of which create higher engagement with users. Gone are the days of those clunky reformatted banner ads.

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