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You can chat with other people on this app, this lets you send and receive messages just like a chat on this app via the internet. You can also directly send text messages to any contact in your phone from your computer with this app. PushBullet Free, in-app purchases.

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You may not have noticed but your Phone probably has a notification LED that blinks while charging and changes color when charged. Light Flow is a notifications app that allows you to customize colors of the LED and notify each notification with a different color.

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This app requests to read all the notifications and then you can allocate the colors of LED to all the apps listed on your Phone. You can also set a short vibration to add with every notification. LightFlow Free, Ads. Using Gmail on Phone could have been overwhelming if they had not kept the notifications in mind.

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Even if you receive emails or just one, Gmail app just shows one single notification that displays the information for all the emails but sadly other apps may not have this functionality and often crowd the notification panel with notification for every single activity. Notifix is the solution for all the chaos in the notification manager.

Downloading Notifix is easy, and setting it up is even easier, just follow the steps and grant the permissions and done. Notifix categorizes the notifications into 4 major categories: Social, News, Primary, and Promotions.

How to Customize LED Pulse Notifications on Android

You can set a time period before the app starts clubbing the notifications together. This is pretty great if you consume a lot of content on your phone and it can help you streamline it.

Notifix Free, No ads. These pesky little notifications are system generated generally to remind you that an app is consuming battery and you should keep an eye on it. It goes away. Those days are gone when we used to keep flashy ringtones for calls and text messages. I usually keep my phone on Silent mode and pair it with my smartwatch. That said, there are times when I miss some important texts and calls may be from boss or parents.

This app has a very creative solution to this problem, the camera Flash. Peeking is an Android feature that allows notifications to briefly show on the top part of your screen while you're doing something else.

1. Download an LED Notification App

Hide sensitive content from showing in the notification preview on the lock screen. On Android 8. Here you can set notifications for messages, groups, and calls by choosing: Notifications tone. Vibration length Whether to show popup notifications. This is a WhatsApp feature that allows notifications to show in the middle of your screen. Notifications light color for applicable phones only.

High priority notifications Android 5. Awesome, great, too good!! Can there be one more setting? If this setting can be implemented then this problem of tempered glass would be solved. Senior Member.

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Sep The background image I select won't stay in portrait and I can't resize it, but the border is perfect on my Pixel 3 XL! Here's my present, I made sure it was perfect: OP Member. Jan Junior Member. Does this work on Oppo F9?

LED Blinker Pro 6.9.9 APK

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